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Abstract – No Comparison Lyrics

No Comparison by Abstract LYRICS

Guess who back bein’ savage again?
Hand me the bullets, I load up the pen
I drop some bodies and load it again
Workin’ like I’m ’bout to lose it again
Sorry, ambition done put me at distance
I’m too young and gifted to settle for less
I put your head on the podium, sprinkle the sodium, then I just swing for the fence

If you lose me, that’s your loss
I am not the bridge to burn
Thought I’d told you I’m a boss
Tell me, when these hoes will learn

Stackin’ it up to the ceilin’
I’m still independent, sign me for a million, that’s cash
If gettin’ the dollar the reason you holler, then all I can make you is part of my past
I need a woman who know what she doin’ and know how to do it when I hit the gas
I was content, but now I gotta blast
I’m blowin’ up, I don’t tell ’em, it’s facts
How many flows do I gotta flex?
Slice next for a nice check
Take advantage of my niceness
Hope you perish in a nice wreck
I’m aware of all the hype, yes
Pope with it, get your mic blessed
Scope with it how I snipe, yes
Know they been waitin’, the button’s pressed

Five, four, three, two, one

Switch flows, I could give a damn about it
Groovin’ with it, let ’em represent it
Bigger than you stackin’ up the syllables just to sound like you’re a killer with it
No, I’m not a cynic, but I’ll critic any gimmick, better quit it
You ain’t different, not at all
If you sayin’ nothing, then I gotta-gotta cut you off
Yeah, your words get big but your concept’s small
You just act complex but Complex won’t call

How far I’ll go, who knows?
Who knows? (Who knows?)
How far I’ll go, who knows?
Who knows?

I need the heads on a stake (I do)
I need ’em spinnin’ in place (Oh, yeah)
Think I’ve been sleepin’ for years (Who, me?)
Sorry, I’m finally awake (I’m here)
I know I went through some changes (Damn)
Came back to fuck up your favorite (You know)
Yes, I been too underrated
But I am not here to be famous
Rather be rich and anonymous, ho
Write a hit record and nobody knows
But I know that’s nothing that I can control
Here for the ride and wherever it goes
Kill it ’til my whip turn into a ghost
Frigid until my whole body is froze
Get it ’til everyone I ever fuck with is poppin’ like grease so I stay at the store

Do not compare (My name to anybody)
Do not compare (Say a name and they’re bodied)
Do not compare (My rise to anybody)
Do not compare (No one ever done it like me)

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