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Professor Green – Fire In The Booth pt2 Lyrics

Fire In The Booth pt2 By Professor Green Lyrics

I dont rap for the people I go over the heads of
You can been a [?] still got one for your head top
Food in the boot so I hope I don’t get stopped
Hop in the drop take the top off and I get top
Really there ain’t noone there ain’t no opposition
If there was opposition that would mean there’s competition
Play the villain, risk my life just to make a living
Take a life just to make a killing
I ain’t an actor I don’t play the victim
I dont ask questions, I make decisions
Can’t put me in a hole cos I ain’t a pigeon
Used to wanna make a change now I wanna make a difference
Can’t put me in a box cos I break the mold
I lose control and then I take control
Took a half made a whole
Used to leave my yard not knowing if I’d make it home
I’m a stain on your favourite sweater
From the era where you couldn’t make an error
Ain’t no Y in U, ain’t no U in me
At times you’ve got to close your eyes so you can see
You ain’t running shit you just run amuck
Watch it get sticky when you come unstuck
I ain’t noone to stick it on I’m different don
My favourite watch has still got stickers on
Think before you start swinging
You’re fighting a losing battle you aren’t winning
In the dark bringing when I go down
But I’m Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the last minute
Either run on time or I land early
I keep my nose clean I get my hands dirty
Took ten and gave my man thirty
Oh youre an animal, good, now I turn you into taxidermy
If you’re a boss who are you employing
Tell me who are you giving orders to
I’m sick of hearing what I ought to do
Maybe I should wear a bally or use autotune
Sip lean and get my face tatted
I don’t know what you’re doing but it ain’t rapping
Dribbling, babbling smack heads who ain’t as good as me when I’m at my worst at best
Phillips or a flat head I need a new drill bit
Maybe I should buy a strap and do some drill shit
Patrice Evra the man you hate
As long as you know I’m rated by the man you rate
Listening to Stone Roses I wanna be adored
I got me and more I dont need a Rita or a Keisha or a Becky
Grew up in the flats watching nan take money out the kitty for some leccy
Do we keep the gas or the leccy on?
I don’t care whose toes that I’m treading on
Get it right even if I get it wrong
Lets get it on getting by even though I’m getting on
A younger for who? I ain’t a younger for you
I’m 35 and I look younger than yous
This is from the heart, I did it for the art
Can’t believe some of the shit that you’ve done for some views
Now the years loom I lay my game flat
I want my spot back take two
Best fire in the booth since fire in the booth
We all know I give evidence right here is the proof