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Wolf Parade – Against the Day Lyrics

Against the Day By Wolf Parade Lyrics

We were lost on the map
We marked our path but we can’t get back
And here on the beach
The night believes it is endless
All is calm now
Seconds fade but the centuries remain, love
We are standing

Against the day
Against the day

You can walk into town
See the same old scene always going down
Along the arcade
A thousand flowers bloom and fade
All is calm, love
Every change is a brand upon the brain here
We are standing

Against the day
Against the day

Friend, isn’t it so strange
How the only things that change
Are the ones upon the surface
The restless moss upon the grave
Seems they’ll always love the sun
Seems they’ll always need one another
Seems they’ll always turn and run
At the sight of our blood-covered countenance

All is gone now
Seconds fade but our hearts will still remain, love
They are endless

I will empty my head into the night
Under the gaze of Orion
Hand in the hand, together we’ll walk
Into the jaws of the sun, I know
All is gone now
Our only crime was living past our prime, love
And standing

Against the day