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Anna Wise – Abracadabra Lyrics

Abracadabra By Anna Wise Lyrics

I wanted to believe you
But I was unsure so I moved slow up the ladder
I was careful but it didn’t matter
Cuz you got what you wanted, a feeling
When I said you could hold me and feel lucky
And we basked in our mutual adoring
And I don’t show this side of me to no one
Maybe you do this kind of thing all the time
How could you change so suddenly?
How could you desire me then have no desire left for me?
(Love yourself)
Please! Say to me what you want what you need
(Love yourself, love yourself)
Please explain yourself

The story of never-ending
Empty bottles and ashtrays
Overdosing on lies prescribed to me by my cellmate
So to speak
Do you even notice me?
Almost had control of me
I let you into my galaxy
How our world so obsolete
Nothing ever feels complete
A victim of disbelief
Honest is what you’ve never been
Why the ones that close to me?
Why has God done chosen me?
Money doesn’t grown on trees
My riches, my soul at peace
I wanted to believe you
I wanted to keep you
Forgive me if that’s selfish
I’m thinking of me too
Had a shitty deck of cards
And I dealt with it calm
Shoulda knew this s--- would fade like the tats in your palm
You gotta laugh
Am I a fool cuz I fell for your charm?
And those beautiful eyes
You’re a beautiful liar
And a fake in disguise
Show your colors with pride
It’s approaching that time
Let us all see your light
Let us all see your light
(Love yourself)
Made me wait
A fire brewin’ in my heart today
And it sounds like
(Love yourself)
Please! Say to me what you want what you need
(Love yourself)