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Melvoni – Memories Lyrics

Memories By Melvoni Lyrics

Ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh, ahh
Hey, Melvoni, Melvoni

Let me tell you the story of a lil’ n---- comin’ out from Flatbush
Young n---- from the trenches tryna make it
I’mma show you how that look, Melvoni that good
I am from the jungle, I ain’t never have s---
So n---- f--- being humble, when the money come in
Thirteen, I was posted on the block with the older heads
Cause’ I ain’t really socialize with the other kids
Wanted to be a gangster, a scammer
Went to Pennsylvania, ain’t touch the hammer
Mama told me read a book, but I rather
Stand up and pose with guns on camera
Wasn’t a bad kid, but I wasn’t average
Picked up a notebook and it was automatic
I never f----- with school, ’cause I don’t like n----- tellin’ me what to do
I put the pencil to my temple, and it gave me fuel
I’m not gon’ lie, it kinda helped me in some certain ways
But I kinda started goin’ through certain phases
I started goin’ different places
I starting seein’ different faces
And something was wrong, what’s going on?
Let me make it clear
I never feared no man
But I, never really liked problems
I call up Retro and he gon’ solve ’em
I call up my dawg, pull up in all black like it’s Gotham
Lately, s--- been gettin’ realer
I see n----- I grew up with turn to killas
Stack it from the J’s, ’cause them n----- tryna kill us
My worries sickenin’, I’ve been gettin’ deeper
Man, this s--- is so sad
B------ I grew up with, tryna f--- me for a bag
It’s a different ball game and we came a long way
From sellin’ candy to sellin’ weed in the hallway
What the hell is going on today?
But I can’t lie, I cannot complain
Cause’ I did some s--- I’m not proud of, I’m afraid to say
I’m so sorry to this day
I was wro-o-o-o-ong
But now I’m on a ro-o-o-o-ll
And I can never fa-a-a-ll
They tryna stop my glo-w-o-w-o-w
Oh no-o-o-o-o