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TJ Porter – Take You Down Lyrics

Take You Down By TJ Porter Lyrics

I been thinking ’bout you girl
I ain’t havin’ mixed emotions
Wanna fly around the world
Wanna leave that p---- soakin’
I can’t take it no more
Wanna be with you
I wanna touch on you baby
F--- on you baby
Caress yo’ body wanna get in you crazy

I wanna take you down
I wanna take you there
Wanna hold you, while you hold me
It feel so right this is so me
Out pretty girl ain’t the old me
Know you hate me girl for leaving you lonely
I won’t play no more and I promise that
Every time I cheat, you let me come back, yeah

Why you let me come back
Things change people change but you never change
You got it, you got it, you got it, you got it girl
You got it
If I tell you got it
Yea my heart keep on stoppin’
Hope you catch it don’t drop it
Hope you ohhh (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna oh..

I wanna take you down
I wanna take you there
Show you I care
Talk to you baby
Please you baby
You my lady, you my lady, oh