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TJ Porter – Things Happen Lyrics

Things Happen By TJ Porter Lyrics

You would always hold it down for a n----
All the time & lately I just been up in my feelings
Cuz you on my mind
And I can’t explain it
Why I did what I did
Or why I said what I said but I appreciate you
Appreciate when you was there you was down for a n----
And you would always come and check around on a n----
If you need a ride or die then you know I’m riding with you
Riding ’til the wheels fall off I’d never switch up
And if I ever call yeah I know you gon’ pick up
I ain’t got to waste time waiting around for a hit up
And you are amazing yeah, I hope that you staying yeah
Going down on you girl you love when I eat it
Lick around on you girl you scratching and screaming
Put it all in your mouth your swallow the s----
Turn around arch your back you love when I beat it
Hit them juggs with a n---- (yeah, yeah)
Yeah you good with a n---- (yeah, yeah)
Kept it hood with a n---- (yeah, yeah)
It’s been a long time since I let my feeling out
Don’t say this all the time baby girl just hear me out
My baby girl she a keeper, I never wanna leave her
I’ma rock your boat baby girl like you aaliyah
I love when you go and get your hair and your nails done
Then you post pics caption is well done
You my ride or die
All the bad s--- you know we never tell them
And you be on my mind all day, everyday all day
You stayed down with a n---- only person who stayed
We could fly away and go to space
Wasted all my time, wasted all my time on you
You been on my mind
I wrote all my rhymes for you

Appreciate you to the fullest I’m loving when you get dressed up
Always call my phone you always say that I’m next up
TJ Porter she love it when I s-- her
Touching on her things she love it when I undress her
Arch you back in them pink panties
I came a long way I need me a grammy yeah
I used to sneak the gun inside of your fanny, your fanny yeah
For a long time I been feeling like the man when I walk thru
All these n----- give me 20 bands just to talk ouu
You don’t go to worry about a girl that I talked to
I know I f----- up but I never meant to hurt you
Then I made another song, and another wrong
And 2 right’s then a n---- made another wrong
3 right’s then a n---- made another wrong
And I been thinking that I should’ve never did you wrong
And I’m stressed out about you yeah and I ain’t got time
And girl I’m stressed out about you yeah and I’m losing my mind
Just know I appreciate you to the fullest
Everything I did yeah I know I said I wouldn’t
You get all up in my mind and I know I said you couldn’t
You get all up in my mind and I know I said you couldn’t
You get all up in my mind and I know I said you couldn’t