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Abbey Glover – Backwards Love Story Lyrics

Backwards Love Story By Abbey Glover Lyrics

Let’s start from the end and make our way backwards
My heart is broken
And I’ve lost all hunger
Oh baby baby baby
Please come home
Now we’re arguing about silly things
Laughter and joy has turned into shouting
At eachover

I miss all the silly things we had
I miss what we were before it turned bad
I miss you
I miss you
And I want more than anything for you to come back
Or to go back in time man I’d love that
I miss you
I really miss you

We have more downs than ups I know
But when I’m in your arms and you’re holding me close
All of the hurt just flies away
The hurt goes
We went out to the park
When it was real dark
Danced underneath all the pretty stars
I love you love you love you so damn hard

I love all the silly things we have and do
I want to spend the rest of my life with you
I love you
I love you
Holding me in your arms heart beating fast like mine
I really wish I could stop time
I love you
I love you

I’m falling for you
Are you falling for me
I’ve never felt this way
What are you doing to me x2

I really want to make you mine
Would you like you go out with me sometime
I want you
I want you
I keep dreaming about you at night
Thoughts of you are drowning my mind
I want you
I want you