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Lola Young – 6 Feet Under Lyrics

6 Feet Under By Lola Young Lyrics

I think about death sometimes, I
think about dying next to you
I think about my ex sometimes, I
think about the things I’ll never do
I think about the mess sometimes,
that I always to seem to cause
I light a cigarette sometimes, to
forget bout all the thoughts

Yeah I’m young and in love with someone who don’t love me
I’m dumb I get drunk to pretend that he does, see,
I live and I learn but forget all the lessons
I’ll see you in hell if there’s such thing as heaven

I’m 6 feet under but the world won’t stop for me now
I keep moving cause no time don’t turn back around
Yes I love you but there’s so much room for the doubt
6 feet under I’m 6 feet under now

I get a little sad sometimes
I get a little scared and insecure
I go a little mad sometimes
Yeah my mind climbs up the wall

I can’t really comprehend sometimes
The places that I’ve been
I think about the end sometimes
The end of everything