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NLE Choppa – Dekario Lyrics

Dekario By NLE Choppa

Oh no no ah
And I need a top shot, yeah yeah
Got the toys like rekardo
Full of pain in and I told some hey
I ain’t need kabi on on (2x)

So much shit been on my mind
And I don’t know where to start
My chest it hurt from this pain
I think I need a new heart
Can’t forget you for what you did
‘Cause you took it too far
I had to cut that lil bitch out
‘Cause she werren’t playing her part
I’m doing right by you
But you still neglected
If I didn’t have the money or the fame
Would you still text me
I don’t wanna tow no gun
I know them crack is going arrest me
But if the opps see me out da person
You know they going bless me
They say I’m overrated
‘Cause I’m most hated
They throwing dirt up on my name
But I’m dedicated
Got suicidal thoughts going
Through my brain daily
And don’t nobody understand
The problems that I have faced
Jeano died November tenth
Just a month before Christmas
My birthday on November first
So you know that shit hit me
My brother’s came into the room and said jeano dead
Slim chance he going make it
He got shot in the head
I just going Instagram everybody say I pulled through
I see the prayers that you making
But it didn’t save you and I didn’t wanna see you
Landed and I see you
I didn’t go to the funeral
I can’t see you untill moon

Pain, pain what did I do
Ooo to lose you
Pain pain what did I do
Ooo to to lose you

You did some shit I can’t let go
I forever got my grudge on
You can’t fault me for acting different
You knew that you was dead wrong
My heart getting weaker and weaker
I’m tryna keep my fucking head on
I tried to drive you into land
A bunk or a headstone
Saying I’ma bitch and I ain’t been through shit
Where have you been in the shootout
And seen your homie get hit
Or have you ever been in love
And been stressing by the bitch
And she fuck another nigga
I’m killing both of them bitches
So many shit blinding me I think I need me some seafoodllllll
I mind my own business I don’t
Give a fuck what he do
My own nigga stole from me
You gotta watch your people
He say out there he real
But I know that she is see through
I can’t lie I’m dead inside
Been this fly homicide
Traumatised my dogs keep dying
Pray my dog he facing time
My heart I had to put it on my sleeve
Ran to the door only time
I’m on my knees
I’m like please I’m like Jesus please
He be on the right road to devil after me

Pain, pain what did I do
Ooo to lose you
Pain pain what did I do
Ooo to to lose you