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Julian Lamadrid – Moment Lyrics

Moment By Julian Lamadrid

We’ve been lying on this mattress
For the better part of months
I’ve been wrestling with an actress
She don’t wanna give me up

I’ve been asking for forgiveness
From the see-through part of rain
I want showers I want bitches
I want diamonds I want fame
I got all that on my wish list
And I got more from where that came
Even if I go insane

All of time is in an instance
Change a scene with no regrets
Angry voices in the distance
They be shouting empty threats

I’m just happy for this moment
It’s a very special moment
I got love inside my jacket
I’m a drop inside an ocean

I’ve escaped the worlds commotion
Keep on tugging on the chain
Till the day I go insane
Till I block up all my vines
I’ll just dance away the pain
I’ve been down for 20 days

I got racks on racks on plastic
I’ve been running on your mattress
I was up before the loners

I’ve been down for all these days
Tryna kiss away the pain
Till the day I go insane