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wifisfuneral – All Bones (Intro) Lyrics

All Bones (Intro) By wifisfuneral

Hate life, what’s worth for livin’?
I sit in visions, encrypted over my corpse
With a smirk for vengeance
Hold up, hate me to get some leverage
Lately you’re too suspicious
Lately, or daily, I’m fadin’ whatever’s makin’ me, breakin’ me
I was in a mood, now my mind flat like a sittin’ stool
Dissect my dialogue, I ain’t wrong if you mad at shit
Drowned out thoughts like an addict with withdrawals
Which one of y’all get it?
Overcomin’ death like one in a million
But pause, back, okay, sadly I can’t grieve in silence
‘Cause we been dealin’ with our lives
Not bein’ oh so private since we was eighteen and wildin’
Oh no, there goes that silence, I swear I hate that silence
My thoughts insane and too violent
And they said I can’t hate myself
But I still fuckin’ hate myself and I ain’t fuckin’ lyin’
Hold up, I’m slowly dyin’, ain’t no need for no cryin’
I said I’m lockjawed, and I can’t feel
And I’m too alone, so tell me, am I wrong?
If I wanna leave by the end of this song
Don’t tell me shit, can’t tell me shit
‘Cause they’ll all forget when I’m all gone
But it’s alright, they can sing along
‘Cause I ease they pain like a opuim, opiate
Got a big hole deep in my chest that you can’t fix
Like a opium, opiate
Got a big hole deep in my chest that you can’t fix, like