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Gucci Mane – Snow Lyrics

Snow By Gucci Mane

F--- the feds, I’ma make my money take a leap
I’ma take a flight, bring it back for the cheap
‘Cause nothin’ shakin’ here but the leaves in the trees
Got a b---- in a jungle smashin’ leaves with her feet (Huh?)
Just to stay up, coca leaves in her teeth
Then she chew it like it’s gone, gotta see it to believe (Why?)
What a wicked web we weave when we lyin’ to deceive
And the apple don’t ever fall far from the tree (Nah)
Fixin’ up a ki with my rewrap machine (Fresh)
If you need me to cook it, I’ma whip up free
All the checkers know me, used to keep they ID
And the outside cold, but the boy got heat
Tractor trailer jumpin’ out the freight like “Beep” (Beep)
This ain’t a mixtape, all my bricks cost a fee (Skrrt)
I-20 Gucci Mane, b----, get out the way
I go Luda with the ‘bows, I could throw ’em from the Bay


It’s cold outside, they wanna warm me (Haa)
I brought an army case a n---- wanna harm me (Bam)
For Christmas, mom got me the London Fog
So many felonies, I still can’t go to London (Damn)
A quarter mil’ and I went to Montreal
He just a n---- rappin’, I’m a hustler
Gettin’ cocky and my wrist gettin’ rockier (Bling)
All the snow got ’em watchin’ with binoculars (Wop)