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Audrey Mika – 5 A.M. (EP Lyrics)

Artist: Audrey Mika
EP: 5 A.M.
Release Date: February 7, 2020
Genre: Pop

  1. Fake Heartbreak
  2. Pan!c
  3. Change Your Heart
  4. 4721
  5. P.S.
  6. Y U Gotta B Like That

Now it’s time to meet the bitter end
‘cause I don’t want to do this all again
I feel it deeper in my hopelessness
Looking for a place to call home
Cause there’s not one thing about my life that I can figure out
Im ripping pictures of the wall I won without a doubt

Audrey Mika – 5 A.M.

Audrey Mika – 5 A.M. (Album Cover)