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Ollie – You & I Lyrics

You & I By Ollie

Im drifting im drifting, get f----- up, keep sipping, im wasted, its crippling, cant take this weight im lifting, keep drifting, im drifting, without you there’s something that’s missing, are you listening, its only you and I, its only you & i, its only you & i, its only you & I

Verse 1
You my favourite notification, corny f--- it im wasted, i miss the days in my basement, these feelings im always caging cause inner wars ive been waging, like open sores cant erase em, i miss you more than im saying, but f--- it, id hate to put that on you, if i could go back in the past i know theres s--- id un do,
Id make you laugh, smack your a--, give all attention to you, know lifes been fast, but good or bad, im tryna spend mine with you, damn, this a love letter, my final note, the one where i say i love you, an never let you go, i need you more than I thought is the releast line i wrote, of course you only know you love her once you let go,
so my love, would you be mine? If you decline thats fine just had to clear my mind, you all I ever think about just listen to these rhymes, could say a million times

Chorus 2
It’s only you & I
It’s only you & I
It’s only you & I
It’s only you & I

Verse 2
We try to hide our emotions but our hearts speak, damn such a confusing language, you tell me one thing then something different the next week, see its getting hard to manage, i wanna wake up at 2 am an see your face, but instead you keep dodging texts an drinking late, saying thing’s goin change soon but i just cant relate, an dont be sorry, I trusted you, that’s my mistake, so to hell with these rap songs an corny letters, if actions speak louder than words why don’t you treat me better? Cause Its like making these excuses is your guilty pleasure, But i know you wont take the blame an its fine whatever, maybe the reason i lefts because you drift away, tell me how much it hurts but never asked me to stay, if you meet people for a reason i learned why today, ive always been afraid, still

Chorus 3
It’s only you & I
It’s only you & I
It’s only you & I
It’s only you & I

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