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Tory Lanez – Dope Boy’s Diary Lyrics

Dope Boy’s Diary By Tory Lanez

Yeah, nothing bigger than the umbrella, yeah, yeah
Just gotta feel me n----
It’s Tory!

Told my b---- I love her she ain’t say it back
My heart I can’t play with that
F--- it that’s that, and we made it that
Running through the trap to find my re-up, tryna make it back
BM tripping I’m just tryna cop my son his favorite snacks
Love from the crips, bloods, and GD’s
Scamming out the bank I made like 50 thou’ on TD
In the trap my homeboys’ my heart, but s--- I gotta move greedy
Got a budget for the lawyer in case I lose with this PD
‘Cause we tryna get more than rich, f--- the fame and all the glitz
My b---- ain’t had t---, so I bought her t---
I’m a little older so I mold her till I taught the b----
Boy, I would have sworn that she was loyal till I caught the b----
I won’t trust a soul
It’s just me and my pole playing position on that road
Watching jack boys close, guns closer than the sirens
See if them boys try me, b----, I’m opening the fire
Catching bodies like corona and the virus n----
Weed bought the Rolex, crack bought the bustdown
Trapping did a home run, scamming did a touchdown
Thinking ’bout my son now, know I gotta stay alive
‘Cause I done let him down like 4 times and I can’t make it 5
Cops from a naked eye, watching in a foreign
But we moving neat the DA can’t grant him no warrants
The birdman with me like Wayne in New Orleans
Raining and pouring, ranging, and warring
Probably lost my b---- to a athlete
F--- it, I might pull up with another b----, mad fleet
I remember Crystal dem told me I was mad weak
From that day I never let another b---- embarrass me
I had to wear the same drawers
Going out for weeks, a n---- stank, but this s--- paid off
Flexing like I owned the rental n---- had to play it off
Hoes I put this d--- off in they hole just like I’m playing golf
Anytime I ran up outta work I sold ’em drywall
I was broke and threw it on the scale ’cause I can’t eyeball
Homie I just came from being homeless that’s a sidebar
That’s why with this rap s--- I be focused, can’t take time off
Boy, I’m not a killer, but don’t push me that’s on my mama

Got my killers out there swimming in the deep end
Before you knew that n---- drowned ’cause he was deep in
Scarborough, b----, we playing on the defense
My little n----- catching bodies every weekend
My little shooter made the movie with the sequence
Play with us and we gon’ turn that n---- pretense
In the foreign picked him up from out the precinct
‘Cause he gon’ still put in that pressure till the beef ends

I wanna cheat but I’ll probably kill her if she cheat on me
Homicidal thoughts don’t mix with G’s homie
Plus I be with G’s homie, stick hot like 98 degrees homie
Trigger finger itchy like some fleas on me
Sleeping on my n----’s sofa, sleeping on the floor
I couldn’t even tell a b---- come over
Now its all Dior all on my body, like my melatonin
N----- took the stand, I can’t believe them boys was telling on me
Street s--- is hella phony, yeah
Look in my eyes, you see I’m dodging all the demons
Came a long way, from swiping fraud cards at all the Neiman’s
I was plotting and scheming, popping bad beaners
S---, I thought it then dreamed it, turned it to reality
This your fatality
Killing any n---- saying they got the same style as me
I’m the only rapper saying s--- with no apology
Pull up, you could holla b
Your favorite rapper s---, just ain’t as hot as me, Tory, aye

Spitting fire in the booth, Forgiato tires on the coupe
OG’s looking at me like they inspired to be me when I aspired to be you
Crazy but it’s true, damn
Yeah, 90310 are running s---, you know what’s going on, n----
Big U, big umbrella