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The Cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 12 – The Unauthorized Rusical Lyrics

Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical By The Cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 12

Madonna X is a lover
Madonna X is a mistery
Madonna X is an Uber driver
Sometimes she drives for Lyft too

In 1984, on American Banstand
D--- Clark asked me: “Madonna, what’s next?”
I wanna (Rule the world)
I wanna rule the world (Rule the world)
Crucifix, don’t shave my pits (Rule the world)
I want to rule the world (Rule the world)
Gonna grab it by the balls
Shared a name with my mother
She died when I was five years old
Turn the hurt around
Knew I was destined for something more
With a name like Madonna
I could be a saint or a sinner
So, I started dancing
Won’t stop ’til I’m a winner (Rule the world)
I wanna rule the world (Rule the world)
I’m not your average girl (Rule the world)
I wanna rule the world (Rule the world)

I know exactly what I want
The groove is calling out to me
So, I became my own icon
I own MTV
Rolling around in a wedding gown
A dirty blonde with a sexy mole
Just like Marilyn
I had material goals (Ah, ah)
‘Cause I’m a boy toy, baby
And all the little girls dress like me
‘Cause I’m a boy toy, baby
And all the others are just wanna-bes
I’m a boy toy and I ain’t gonna stop
I’m a boy toy, call me a boy toy
Because I’m the one on top (Call me a boy toy)
I’m a boy toy

My next album went platinum fast
And so did I
Critics don’t know what to make of me
Am I real art or publicity?
My music videos stir up controversy
Haters criticize my blond ambition
Double standard, is it ’cause I’m a woman?
I’m gonna express myself
And you’ll pay more than attention (I want more than attention)
Defying old taboos
‘Cause s-- is power too
Making art isn’t easy
But that’s what I do it (So you can get into it)
Did I make you stare?
Now kiss my derriere
Making art isn’t easy
And I’ve got the scars to prove it
So you can get into it

Hello, fellas!
Love who you love
You know there’s more than one way to play
Bullet bras are the way to go far
Thank you, Jean Paul Gaultier
Pinstripe suits can be subversive
But listen to what I say
Leading men and Latin studs
I love them like nobody else
But gay men are the ones who intrigue me
I should have been born one myself
God bless the gays (God bless the gays)
God bless the gays (God bless the gays)
More than an African, we weren’t too serious
I wound up stronger and stronger
Like a prayer does in water (Like a prayer)
God bless the gays (God bless the gays)
God bless the children
God bless the gays
God bless the gays

So, after dressing you up in my love
There was only one thing left to do
Take it all of
I made a video in Paris
It was too hot for MTV
So it became the first VHS single
Now, when pop stars shake their cakes on Instagram
I say: “You’re welcome”
Posing, disrobing, opposing for you
As I (Must define my brand)
Girls and boys kissing, censors hissing
As I (Must define my brand)
Whip, bare nips, not just the tips
As I (Must define my brand)
I’m seductive, not reductive
I’m erotic, you’re neurotic
‘Cause I, because I’m what?
Whip smart

I never wanted to be an actress
I thought I’d stick to music
But I was desperate-ly seeking something
And then Sean gave me Shanghai Surprise, and a ring
Some people wondered “Who’s that girl?”
I was just breathless over D--- (Tracy)
Though I knew that I was in a league of my own (A league of her own)
But what I really want to do is direct
Cut, print, moving on

There comes a time in an artist’s career (-reer, -reer, -reer)
When she decides to seek God
And put it in her songs (Songs, songs, songs)
I took myself first-class on a jurney (-ney, -ney, -ney)
To find a higher power and live my life in awe
I’m alive (Don’t come too near)
I’m alive (Don’t come too near)
I’m alive (Don’t care, don’t care)
I’m alive
Hippy-dippy, trippy song (I’m alive)
A Kabbalah sing-along (I’m alive)
Won a Grammy for this song (-ong, -ong, -ong)
You go girl
Yas, God!

Hey, lady pop stars, all hail the queen
Welcome to my Fempire
After two decades in the biz
Now I can do whatever
Dress up like a pimp, uh
Talk like a Brit
Things that used to get me banned
Are emulated across the land
Blaze new trails for others like me
You’re welcome, Gwen Stefani
All the girls go Gaga for my grills
While I make it rain with my bills
My power isn’t fake
And in front of Timberlake
I kissed Britney and Christina
And I liked it, Katy Perry
Hey, lady pop stars, all hail the queen
Welcome to my Fempire

(Still in the groove, yeah)
Oh, b----, I got this
(Redefining the moves, yeah)
Don’t be an obnoxious
I did pilates with some hotties in the aughts
Then took to the dance floor
Wearing pink for my confessions
Got hung up, Super Bowl, hard candy and Malawi
Said bye to guys, thank God I’m single and not sorry
(My eighties ladies) Have all come and gone
(Whitney, George, MJ) Moonwalked on
(Ooh, ooh, ooh)
I still grow ‘caise I’m M-A-D-O-N-N-A, b----
Sixty years and I keep topping
Ageist if you think I’m stopping
Classic looks but kids keep mocking
(I’m M-A-D-O-N-N-A, b----)
Beyonce, Gaga, Ariana
Girls, I still be here manana
Sexy, not afraid to
(I’m M-A-D-O-N-N-A, b----)
Yes, I’m still Madonna
– your sexist drama
When you hate it’s just kablama
Don’t preach ’cause I’m your mama
I’m M-A-D-O-N-N-A, b----
(Compose, -pose, -pose)
I think the most controversial thing I have ever done
Is to stick around

Compose (-pose, -pose)
Okay, here we go
All Madonnas, spin a flow
Compose (-pose, -pose)
Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer
Cherish, True Blue, Truth or Dare
D--- Tracy, Drowned Wolrd Tour
Live to Tell, now Who’s that Girl?
Express yourself, Material Girl
You got 4 Minutes to Save the World
Open Your Heart, don’t get Hung Up
Papa, Don’t Preach, I’m Burning Up
Living for Love, I’m Madame X
Into the Groove of low-cost S--
I’ll Remember, so Don’t Tell Me
Physical Attraction, you shall se
Beautiful Stranger, Crazy for You
Sorry, Hydrangea, I still loathe you
Girl Gone Wild, Rebel Heart
Causing a Commotion and that’s just the start
Compose (-pose, -pose)
From Holiday to Medellin
When it comes to pop, I’m still your queen
I’m M-A-D-O-N-N-A, b----!