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Nathan Wagner – Blood Bonds Lyrics

Blood Bonds By Nathan Wagner

Why you lookin so distant
See we’ve got something for you
You ain’t gotta feel different
You’re blood now we chose you
Lay your head down and rest child
All the wanderings done
You don’t have to be scared child
You’re safe here with us

And the Cold nights are no more
Now hopes taken over
There’s a place where you belong
No matter the weather
We’ll be here for shelter
Just remember are song

That all are welcome
At the table
Bring your sorrows
And trade them for joy
You ain’t gotta strive now
‘Cause who you are is loved
You will always be enough

I remember the loneliness
Had no place I belonged
Felt nobody would care or miss me
But they came proved me wrong
Wrapped their loving arms ‘round me
Said we’re not letting go
The most valuable gift
One could give to a soul

And my blind eyes were open
I realized my purpose
To love and to be loved
And I’m telling you this
‘Cause I know things would shift
if you’d only open up

Welcome home