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Tech N9ne – Leave It On The Flo! Pt. 1 Lyrics

Leave It On The Flo! Pt. 1 By Tech N9ne

“Hello, no one is available to take your call. Please leave a message after the tone.”

“Hey Tech, it’s [*beep*] and [*beep*], wishin you a Happy Halloween, baby. So we were thinkin’, if you chose to kick it with us tonight, we can finally do that threesome. Call us back.”

Two baddies talkin bout gettin busy
Havin a thrizzy with Tech Nizzy now I’m doin the shiggy
Thinkin two pair of titties gettin me jizzy
Mane I’m wit this, bang them bitches like Warriors against the Lizzies
Proceed to pelvis groom, cause I’m bout to nail it soon
During the palest moon, they said Meet ’em at Raul’s velvet room
Now that’s a hell of a plan, both of them bitches vanilla pecan
My other plans are now a hella saran ’cause bitches wanna share the gel of the man
The homie swoop me and put the pedal to the metal through the ghetto
We switchin lanes, real Toretto
To get with thicky black, then the other Mexican and guero
On a red devil rollin no jokin Jared Leto
Walked in the spot with two thots and hit the floor quizick
Bartender pour vicious so I’m seein four bitches
Took a seat at the booth with the girls how I knew we was gonna for sure kick it
Both of them bitches went under the table on N9na playin tug of war wit it

We bout to leave it on the flo (Leave it)
And gon retrieve it, when a ho (Need it)
Best believe it’s finna go
When you let us in the doe
Bout to leave it on the flo (Leave it)

Ah, I got two pissers on my pisser two gifters in my zipper
Two angels but with broken wings Mr. Mister
Mouth’s naughty feelin just about gaudy
One of em got up and said let’s go and hit a Halloween (House party!)
(Come on, everybody’s leavin!) (Leave it)
Made it to the hoppin ass house party
All I’m thinkin bout is three shit rollin and weedin
Where’s the bathroom, bro? (It’s downstairs) So we did zoom
Me and them bitches, but then I accidentally went and walked in some kid’s room (My bad)

Oh no, Techa N9nas at the door
Want me to spit it leave it on the flo
Rip it up flippin it then gotta go
Get it, demolish it, I’ma spit, never quit
Ima be all in it, bitch I be callin it
Like it’s the fantasy, all of you fans of me
I’ma be haulin it like it’s a bomb that lit, I’m the shit
Maybe been busy, pop like I’m fizzy
Now you be spinning cuz of the rhyme I spit making you dizzy
I wont kid all of you but bitch I’m winning, woah
13 you kidding
When I’m done only thing I’m committing
Is a homicide, might make yo mama cry
She found her kid had died, from the beginning

(Hold up, little dude, you freaking me out)

Tech what the fuck are you talking about?
Oh this, fuckin the game up, the way that I came up, be something to pray of I didn’t really wanna do it to em
But I couldn’t think of a way to tell him I ain’t gonna play no games so I ran up on the bitch and then I did it to him anyway
We destroyed it, can’t avoid it, but the bathroom is that way (Right on, man)

We bout to leave it on the flo (Leave it)
And gon retrieve it, when a ho (Need it)
Best believe it’s finna go
When you let us in the doe
Bout to leave it on the flo (Leave it)

Thicky black and the Mexi white
With thee gat bout to sex me right
I already dated the Mexi one
So it ain’t a thing for me to get me some
So I started to play with the other first
Through the kiss, I looked up, and the other’s hurt
Man I thought it was bout to be porn shouts
But the other one flipped and she stormed out (Damn, man)

(Uh I knew she couldn’t handle this, I’ma go get her)

Stuck in the bathroom
Mopin and hopin to smash soon
Thought I had poon feelin mad gloom
Cause they left me open like a stab wound
A squirt of the lotion
Would get it done, I ain’t wit it son
Wanna murder the Ocean
Would have been servin em both, but I heard a commotion
People screamin’
Shit bumpin’ and breakin’
I’m stuck in this basement
in a fuckin’ displacement
For real, for real
I don’t even got no skill to kill
Call my homie (Where you at?)
(Outside smokin’, but two cats roarin’ in with some straps, I got yo back)