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Marlon Craft – High Time Lyrics

High Time By Marlon Craft

marijuana dispensaries around the country are staying open during shelter-in-place orders in some states, that’s because lawmakers and regulators are classifying the business as ‘essential’.”

So essentially cause they buy it from white-owned dispensaries
And the government taxin, now it get the pass
But the black folks in jail they ain’t settin free, right?
I ain’t tryn play referee
I’m just callin bullshit
That’s what I do
I don’t even smoke you could say I’m a friend of the movement though
Remember in high school on the right night shit, you could smell the smoke in my cuticles
But I’s a little virgin
Shit made me nervous
Now you can catch with a 5th of bourbon
Wish I could smoke cause that shit be more healthy
But fuck can you tell me? The future’s uncertain and we be yearnin’
I used to sell 0.7s for $20 if they was fluffy
Only for a summer but you see how easy it would be for me to front?
In a rhyme like these tough little guys
Take a day of their life that they say in a line
And then act like it’s how they was livin in time and expect we believe
That’s the smoke I don’t like
That’s the one that come with some mirrors
Fuck how you cope witcho fears
As long as you workin through em
And improvin all through your years
Fuck sentiments of your peers
Do you for you, not no cheers
Every true tough guy I ever knew was scared cause if you for real you know consequences

I been tryna find some peace for the longest time
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I just need a lil release, I been on my grind
My grind and I think it’s high time
Had to get real low just to get this high
Had to get real low just to get this high
Had to get real low just to get this high
And I’m up like, “bah bah bah bah bah bah”