NAV – Top Dog Lyrics

Top Dog By NAV

Tay Keith, what the fuck up nigga
Oh lord Jetson made another one

Tay Keith
I don’t give a fuck I’m up I crashed my lambo truck four times
Shout out Lil Durk my hitters got sticks like Rondo Number Nine
I done got rich, my rollies don’t tick tock but it still tell the time Fucking your bitch in Louis V flip flop tryna’ blow out her spine Fuck a [?] you ain’t getting in don’t waste my time
Tryna’ slow down tryna’ chill but nothing would work on my mind Baby I’m balling, pop another x and go overtime
She won’t stop callin’ gotta block her number get off my line (yeah)
Eat good I’m stacking up calories popping these pills to burn em off
Got a new coupe seats peanut butter tan I’m driving round the city with the top off
Started out broke as a joke with a plan I turned into the top dog Came from the streets, got a lot of respect it don’t cost to get em’ knocked off
Burp burp burp (yeah)
Bullets they bite they hurt (yeah)
Treat my bitch the worst (yeah)
Tryna’ put a stick in her purse (yeah)

You can take me out the streets but the streets will never be outta’ me
I don’t gotta prove myself for shit if you run up on me you gon’ see
Chirp chirp chirp (yeah)
Might get brands for sure (yeah)
Lurk lurk lurk (yeah)
One call, killers gon’ lurk (yeah)
Lately it feel like everybody tryna’ get reactions out of me

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