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NLE Choppa – Choppa Talk Lyrics

Choppa Talk By NLE Choppa

Gotta tell these pussy ass niggas suck my dick
Ay, huh, yeah, ay, ay

You not a killer, you fold under pressure
I play him to the left, yeah you know I neglect him
Hit his ass with this choppa, I know that he felt that
Bitch I know how to rob, you know that I’m steppin’
When shit go down, who really gonna slide?
I saw me a murder when I was just five
Homicide on my brain, you know that I’m traumatized
I couldn’t find my opp, so you know that his mamma died
Bitch, I’m deep in the field, I don’t need no cleats
Bitch I’m not from Miami, but I keep my heat
And my Glock on my side every time that I sleep
That choppa make him sweat, like he was Keith
Finger on the trigger, bitch you know that I shoot
When a opp see me, you know they salute
Bitch you know I’m the sickest like I had the flu
Put yo ass in the ground, like he was a root
Nigga watch yo mouth who the fuck is you buggin’?
I shot him two times and he died so he lucky
You can call me [?] cause a young nigga thuggin’
Bullets real hot like I put em’ in the oven
AR-15 with the 223’s
I get a nigga burned like Charlie Sheen
I’m black with the mask so you know I ain’t seen
My niggas they shootin’ like they was Kareem
Glock got a dildo, never been a weirdo
Pull up at yo front door, shoot like Rondo
Hoes in the condo, dick in her tonsils
When I get a nut, imma kick em’ out pronto
Who got shot nigga I really-