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The Norris Nuts – Trolling Troop Lyrics

Trolling Troop By The Norris Nuts

Going to the main map with my milk back pack
I’m gonna troll you bruh with my trusty travel car
When you get squashed you can’t move a thing
And I’ma keep trolling you as long as I’m living
I’m the Trolling troop x3
And I’ll keep trolling you

I got bone a body
If I have my milk backpack on I’ll be trolling somebody
I whip out my fly pet then I fly pretty high
Once I’m high enough I drop my baby from the sky
Driving around yeah I’m running over groups
Why do I do this
Cuz I’m from the Trolling troop
I have a stupid mask
When you see me coming then you better run fast cuz

I’m the Trolling troop x 3
And I’ll be trolling you

Milk backpack
Bone body
I’m always trolling

If you see me walking around in the main town
And you think that you can escape my trolls
Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble
You made a mistake and you should know
It’s only you
Against the whole entire Trolling troop

I’m the Trolling Troop x3
And I be trolling you