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Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist – Babies & Fools Lyrics

Babies & Fools By Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist

Kane (Kane)
Do a lil’ somethin’, somethin’
Let’s smoke a lil’ somethin’, somethin’, yeah
A bitch could never (All I need)
Ha, never, bitch, yeah (All I need)
Yeah, real nigga, what’s up?

My first love was football from playin’ that Madden shit
My second love was hard drugs, weed and this rappin’ shit
Heard Allah on the nights that I wasn’t havin’ shit
I say my prayers but I’m rusty as fuck with Arabic
Lord, take me as I am ’cause I’m gon’ come as I’m is
I might die twice if I look down and see my mama in tears

I gave her (All I need), uh, but I ain’t gon’ never die (All I need)
Uh, bitch, I could never, what’s up?

I know the Lord watch over babies and fools
I did the fooly with this tool to put my babies through school
I took my last ho out the country, fuck that bitch, we ain’t cool
Hit them DMs, a nigga can’t swim, but I fucked her friend by the pool
‘Cause she was tour pussy, I never needed that bitch
She cussed me out in long-ass texts, but I ain’t read them shits

She wanted (All I need)
But you could never have (All I need), haha, yeah
Bitch, you could never, what’s up?

James Harden, I had to take a step back from bitches and certain niggas
Sometimes it suck to get the success, then you start hurtin’ feelings
Used to have the hard top, yes, now I convert the ceiling
Friends tryna count my pockets like I don’t deserve a million
Bitch, I deserve a trillion, ’cause I woulda did a trillion years for these niggas
Whole bid for these niggas

I gave ’em (all I need)
Nigga, I gave the streets (all I need)
I’m fallin’ back, whassup

Look, my first love was writin’ verses and rappin’ bars (Yeah)
My second love was sittin’ on vandals and trappin’ hard (Hah)
Hospital bed, bullet in my neck and a fractured jaw
Call it crazy but I always knew I’d bounce back this hard (I always knew)
Who got the matte black MAC, that’s to match the car (Uh-huh)
I got that ’cause I been clapped before

Gave these streets (all of me)
Nigga, I gave the streets (all of me)

I’m on tour, I’m on the road, just hustlin’ and shit
My baby momma cut me off, she had enough of my shit
I Cashapp stacks every now and then like, “That’s enough”
She like, “At least FaceTime, your babies don’t see your ass enough”
Plus my older son is failin’ math, that shit ain’t addin’ up
I guess I ain’t around bein’ a dad enough, I owe my kids

(all of me)
I owe them all, I know it (all of me)

For the mob, you know I give niggas the shirt off my back
Somethin’ happen to one of my niggas, I be the first to attack
Air out your corner, if I miss, then we circlin’ back
Funeral lines, Cadillacs with the hearses to match
Huh, I rep my niggas every verse that I rap
Violate, the shots disperse from this MAC (May Block n*gga)

I gave my hood (all of me)
I gave my whole hood (all of me)
That’s a fact, nigga