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Powfu – ​​​ill come back to you Lyrics

​ill come back to you By Powfu

If you wait for me
Then I’ll comeback to you
On my own on my own
And I say

Verse 1
Back in 2012
School bells would send us out at lunch
Talk under the tree about our favourite shows and stupid ones.

Parents sat me down one night
Told me that we couldn’t stay
Went to bed thinking about you
Woke up on a plane

Wish I never left
Cuz you took away my breath
You can say that we were young
But me and you were meant

For eternity no surgery
Could take you off my heart
Just hang onto my words and we’ll make it through this part

Verse 2
I’ve been waiting for this day to come its finally getting closer
On our way to graduate and then I’ll be heading over

You’re my treasure I’m your soldier
Stay up till the night is over
We talking on the phone
But want your head between my shoulders

Saving for a ticket on the side
Been a minute of our time
When I see you I might cry

No lie that’s on my gravestone
Promise me you’ll stay close
Days without you ya I hate those

Verse 3 (Rxseboy)
Plane ride to your city
Took an über to your house
Had to keep it secret from you
Did it unannounced

Doorbell parents saw me
Sat me down on the couch
Talked to them about my life
They told me they were truly proud

2 knocks door opens
You were standing there with him
So shocked I don’t get it
Can we run it back again

Room spinning palms sweaty
But I’m sober
I’ve been in love with you forever is
what I wish I would have told her