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Sharptooth – The Gray Lyrics

The Gray By Sharptooth

This is what we’re told:
It looks so simple from the
Black side,
The white side,
It’s never meant to change.
You see it’s written on this page.

Tell that to someone who’s broken,
Desperate to rewrite the past.
But pages are just made of paper;
Nothing can last.

But this is what we’re told:
They strip us down to diagnosis
And trauma
The things that we have seen.
But there is so much more to me

But it takes
It takes

Tell that to someone who suffers
It’s something that runs in their veins.
Tell them the wiring’s faulty;
No hope for change.

Black and white answers
For every question, every shade.

But this is what we’re told:
It’s absolutes
and nothing
Sees in between all the lines we have drawn.
But that’s where we’ve lived all along.

And they take, and they take our power away.
When we ignore all the shades of gray.

I cannot give you the answer,
The only thing certain is change.
But black and white cannot define me:
Even our matter is gray.

I smashed apart my own skull,
Ripped out the wires of old.
I saw the gray and decided:
I fill the fractures with gold.

I filled the fractures with gold.

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