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BRELAND – A Message Lyrics

A Message By BRELAND

I’m pissed off
Really pissed off
So many names I could list off
How many more murders ’til it really hits y’all?
What it means to be black in America?
The fact that you can overlook the facts is embarassin’
It’s twice the rate of police kill us, no comparison
Took all this for y’all to act like you care again?
Moment of silence
So many brothers that we lost to the violence
Me up on your neck is out the check for compliance
Say you sure to breathe and in the second you dyin’
So if you hit me with that “Not all police are that bad
I mean like, what about my cousins’ friends dad?”
My problem ain’t with everyone that wear a badge
It’s the one that wanna abuse the power that they have
I could’ve stay quiet
Could’ve probably acted like I wasn’t phased by it
Posted by the new project while they riot
But that ain’t the type of thinkin’ that’ll change climate
You are the part of the problem or the solution
And anybody can play a part in a revolution
You do it with your money, you battle it with your voice
‘Cause at this point, I don’t really think we have a choice