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Tory Lanez – Convertible Burt Lyrics

Convertible Burt By Tory Lanez

Hop in that bitch and I go
I cannot stress this bitch no more
50 racks came outside from the mall
Still come kick down your door
I don’t got no time for no fuck shit
All in the bag, little baby gon’ bust it
All in my hunnids, they printin’ out blue
And they knew and I knew as soon as I touch it
Bad joint, hop out the whip
Let a nigga up it, I’ma op out the stick
Safe in the cashmere traffic
But little nigga in the backseat shoot an op out the whip
I ain’t finna fuck shit, nay-nay, hop in that Scat and that’s that
I made ’em put ’em whole ten in her back
Used to talk real crazy to a nigga, but I made ’em put it back in her track
703, put the dice back down to the ground
But you know a nigga bettin’ on me
Broke boy, he ain’t got nothin’ on me
I hop out the whip, I stuntin’ on three
Niggas on dick and they hoverin’
I’m poppin’ so hard, that bitch let my brother hit
Tropical water on me like I’m Fiji
I used to set that shit up on a PG
I know the scammers, the trappers, the killers
Tryna cop baby Pampers and some pillows
I’m with the ace, smoke, and gorilla
You see my jacket? It’s ch-chinchilla
I just got back on roll, now I’m iced up
Like I just got 50 outta DR
Sendin’ you fuckboys to the ER
They say nobody poppin’ bitch, well we are
Bitch, I might land in a strip in Miami
My bitch is gonna fuck me, and never gon’ dump me
Right out the dealer, I’m seein’ these pictures
Girl, and I know that they never gon’ touch me
Bitch is go-happy-go-lucky
All of my niggas they don’t care [?] ducky
All of my rap fares, don’t y’all come around shellin’ that ice, my man, my Bucky
Now that I’m all independent, I’m out of my label
I promise play ’bout nothin’
Ain’t got no label restrictions or politics, nigga
They talk it, they playin’, I’ma buss it, ayy
[?] I got that greed on my body like Piccolo
She wanna fuck with a gigolo
All hittin’ me ho like a biggolo, ayy
Granted, I came out the dirt
Doin’ Aventadors, landed, I came, and I skrrt
Nigga, don’t play on my turf
Play with this choppa, I bet this shit rain on your Earth
You wanna wifey, you said that you’ll give it your worth
I hit that shit, it was dirt, then I slid off in a flirt
Felt like Convertible Burt, ayy, ayy

Air Force 1s, NFL trainin’
In the game with an NFL trainer
Movin’ pill, tracker on a trailblazer
Caught a sale, what a major bill changer
I’m in the lead in a league of my own
Supplyin’ the peace, get a piece of me gone
I’m in the streets and they ringin’ my phone
Surprising to me, I can’t leave it alone
I’m in a sports car
Roll down the window and then I unpants in a sports bar
Don’t tell me you love her
Come and then stand in the streets, I got lost cause
[?] here for your mushrooms, I take some to reach her
Iced out, leave the clip in the [?]
Lifestyle of the rich and the famous
Close quarters in a whip and a gangster
Pipe down up in here ‘fore I spank you
Pull up [?]
I walk down, never slid, yeah
I got power, no pretend, yeah
Only cowards like to spend, yeah
Barbershop we for real, yeah
Grip the clippers, split a weave, yeah
Caught a clip, you’re in a wheelchair
We’re gonna reward his time
Party time, turn me [?]
And I’m gon’ walk around