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Smooth Gio – Sh*t On Em Lyrics

Shit On Em By Smooth Gio

Momma just called my phone
Said I need to cut off the snakes
If a nigga got a issue
He can say it to my face

Bitch I’m too raw for this shit
He can’t keep up the pace
Done got me mad up in this bitch
I’m bout to turn up the bass

You need to listen to yo daddy
Cause he got more taste
And you bitch a whole thot,
She was fucking my dawg at his place

Y’ll some crazy motherfuckers,
Man that weed must be laced,
ANd I know I ain’t trippin,
Cause these thots I don’t chase

Man it’s sad what these
Bitch niggas can turn into
Nigga it’s only one gio bitch it
Can’t be 2

I wanna big bone ya lil bitch,
Yea she is kinda cute
But, that bitch a lil thot
You know I can’t kiss you

Nigga can’t get in this coupe
In my circle only few
Jit is a lame overdue
Believing these hoes, the same hoes
That tried to give him that sue
Don’t even try to hit mr next year
Cause on god this shit threw
Boy boy you gon gon lose
She been fucking on him, him, him
I be like damn, damn, damn

Y’ll tell me who the crazy one
See you competing, I’ll give you the run
Making these niggas so amd just for fun
He don’t even got all of them Racks (No)
Fuckin with gio, I’ll show
You the bag show
Wanna talk about my ex,
I like these checks (Bitch)
The nigga can’t even breath
My foot on his neck

Really tried to guide that nigga,
Tried to protect,
But he wanna cuff a bitch that’s for the clique

She be sucking on dick
I’ll give you that kick,
Nigga don’t even know what hoe to pick,
You better stop playing with me
Before I pop out with that stick,
It’s a god damn shame cause I taught
YOu some tricks
But you wanna say my name,
You want me in the mix
And you in love with this fame,
You ain’t been the same,
Got me wondering why I put you in the game
You better check yo self,
YOu better stay up in yo lame,
Last year I heard that bitch got trained,
You a jealous motherfucker
Tss god damn,
How the fuck you got bite
From my god damn hand,
Im bout to rob this motherfuka
Out his god damn fans,
Nigga you fake asf
Bitch you never been my mans
You can get these hands (Dirty dan)
You don’t even got 30 bands
If they fuckin with you they some nerdy fans
No car, you can’t even swerve ya mans
Watch out for that Bitch, she so dirty man,
Lover boy, he’s a simpidy simp
Man that fuckboy, Is a wimpidy wimp
Bitch, Im too hot, check the tempidy temp

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