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Nyck Caution Ft Meechy Darko – Famiglia Lyrics

Famiglia By Nyck Caution

My Famiglia real G’s so you never hear ’em
They just go about their business
Never leave a witness
Y’all would rather post it on the ‘Gram to maintain an image
Shit is ridiculous
I’m so appalled, this is no one’s fault
But everybody’s responsible
They all shitted on the kid when he had a little dream but they love him when he’s doin’ the impossible
You dudes is comical

Ayy, yeah
Ayy, ayy, yeah
Get that motherfucka (Yeah)

My brother told me “Go easy on those guys” (Guys)
They gon’ have it harder when they see the kiddo rise (See the kiddo rise)
Be a tricks, some gaugin’ out they eyes (Eyes)
Everytime these verses are reprised (Yeah)
Kill ’em with success and they’ll never have a clue to how they died (Died, died)
Think about it
You ain’t really mad at me, you bitches mad at yourself
That shit is bad for your health but fuck it (Fuck it, pour it [?] in the Hell)
You a selfish motherfucka only pass to yourself (Only pass to yourself)
Maybe I should tone it down a little, ask for some help (I should ask for some help)
But there’s two types of people in this world (Yeah)
Those who gotta ask (Ask), and those who make it happen themself
And I refuse to be a bitch like you, I’m not a bit like you
I’ve been stabbed in the back so many times that it slipped right through
Life’s a bitch but every dog has his day (Yeah)
Wait until that bitch bite you

My Famiglia real G’s so you never hear ’em
‘Cause they be low as fuck, try me, come and test your luck
I be tryna chill but the problems always level up
Feel like Meadow’s dad, venting to a memo pad
When it ends, does it really all cut to black?”
‘Cause if it does I hope the afterlife will cut us slack (Slack)
I’ve been through Hell and back (Back)
Already walking dead (Dead)
Feel like a motherfuckin’ zombie

Sellin’ pussy [?] the languages
They get with us then they lie with us
Big stone, while I sit, my diamonds glisten
Hustle hard and then treat some [?] hottest niggas
Cut it, climb it like a nineties nigga
Doggystyle, the right position
Kissin’ girls, make ’em cry
‘Til I’m all out of apologies
And got the gas with me and the [?] down
Burn the shit down, if the nigga want it
Only sold my soul ’cause they tried to flip it, huh
The pussy mine, [?] an issue, huh
I take your flow, diss you with it
I ain’t fuckin’ with it
Say “Meechy Meech, please give me some of that, I need a fix” and we get high as fuck
Let me find a fuck like [?] eyes dilated
‘Cause this shit official, got a queen kissin’ on my certificate
I’m in the Gucci, Snoopy
Feelin’ lucid, death grippin’
Drunk driver servin’ death with it
Feel like the only rapper who can match this magic manners
Since probably [?] by bullet [?] I might be manic
I battle myself for practice
Survival tactics, I adapt it
I ask God to show my way but map He never handed
Satan’s guestlist, fuckin’ Rihanna in Bahamas
Top of my checklist, turquoise set and blood diamonds
Die for my necklace, only child syndrome selfish
Trapped in my mind doin’ the same shit
Somebody help (Help him please, help him, help him)
Shit somebody help (Help him please)