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Gbrand – POP Lyrics

POP By Gbrand

[ Hook + Bridge]
momma please come save us
walk around and ive been lost
everyday is a new day
but time is different now, no way

talk to me cuz im a man now
everybody gonna say wow
time is up i dont know how
tell the truth i never bow down

uh, pop for pop i pop everything yeah
still young dont wanna wedding ring
my girl’s nice dont wanna lose a thang
im tired of rap so let me do this thing

[Verse 1]
tell the young boys to stand all black
its a long voice to scream all that
getting money we got all day
hardest time we never gon fallback

existence without a presence
talk too much without a lessons
you do it stale without the essence
you got no style you just dont make sense

this and that
you have so many reason for the things you say
you aint even know what you talkin man
let me do the job because they need the brand

[Verse 2]
So many people kinda lookin like me
But one thing they never close to see
I have my own plate, my very own fate
If you try to show hate i got various bait

And i got 22k for nasi padang, but wait
Just a dream if you ask how many dollars i make
And i believe in a progress i don’t stress
Keep the patience in a test let god do the rest

I know i never restin, keep on pressin
I don’t spend a racks on a thing for impressions
i don’t give a damn bout a bitch that you keep on posting
One thing, do you really know about something?

[Verse 3]
Black lives matter
Fuck the all lives matter
How the fuck you feel opressed when my skin got colors
Beta melanesia tapi dong samua disana tau beta macam real young gunner

They scared for us to getting stand up
Thats why i bring my brothers to show you how you feel when you see ana ambon just made it up
Fuck the centralization
And government accusations

You can stole our fish, our gold and our brain
But you never know the end after the rain there’s is a sunshine aiming our land
I hope everybody know that we’re equal without a money and fame
Company mining our land and government won’t speak a cent about a human goddamn

Melanesian we gotta keep our hands up
That’s the time when everybody know what’s up