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Neck Deep – I Revolve (Around You) Lyrics

I Revolve (Around You) By Neck Deep

We’ve come so far
So far from where we were before
And we were colliding stars
On a course that night set straight to earth
And met in the train station
But I know as the years have
gone by that times have been hard
But that don’t mean, no it don’t mean anything
And if Carl Sagan was right
Pale blue dot in the night
Then, what we’ve got is everything

We drift like lonely planets and feel like, like cold moons
Like satellites drawn to your gravity
I revolve around you

I’m lazy
Been floating round on the daily
On the rotate, so samey
But she’s the orbit that gets me by
I change with the seasons
You burn me up without reason
You made me step to my demons
And you think that I would be better by now ‘I can see what you mean’
Yeah, she’s talking, I’m listening
It’s happening
Just go with me
I need a distraction

Caught in your sunbeam, I only spin for you
Far away out from me
But I still feel you
I think you think just a little too much
Space out a little too much

Less talk, a little more touch
It’s alright now
We’re all good