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NoCap – First Day Out Lyrics

First Day Out By NoCap

(Kimj ballin’ on these hoes, huh?)
(Rude Dolph)

Fuck this fame, it’s gettin’ terrible, nigga
The rap game gettin’ scarier, nigga
My opps sick, they know they can die like any day
Do time, bitch, I won’t pay that boy to drop no case (Ayy)
Fuck it, I’ma ball like I’m Syracuse (Ayy)
Fuck it, I’ma ball, it ain’t no excuses
If I was a waitress, bitch, I prolly still wouldn’t serve ’em
Nigga, them bitches tried to do me like I’m Bobby Shmurda
6ix9ine couldn’t get up on this track if he was jumpin’ hurdles
Glad that I’m alive
You see murder in my eyes, you see guns on my side
I’m a demon who can’t love, I see dreams in my cup
I was broke, I was stuck
Who would’ve thought it would be us here?
Who would’ve thought that it’d be us here?
Reach for my chain, he see a gun lift (Ayy)
I walked through rain in my Moncler
I tried to make, this pain so unreal
Flawless diamonds permanent, this is no grill
I’d rather use a stove, this is no grill
Sittin’ in my cell as I read The Cartel
I’d shoot it out with the police before I go back to jail, gracias

I just feel like I’m so different from these niggas, like
I’m like a vampire that, that just don’t come out at nighttime
Like, I come out at any time

I’m the realest nigga in it, I just can’t go
I let it go and put my wrist back on froze
Ayy, I take a couple doses, I start to doze off
Hope I don’t fall up out this whip ’cause I can take the doors off
My bitch a lil’ classy but I’ve been slangin’ that ratchet
I got a killer on passenger, without my work, he’ll bag it
Still got no problems with askin’
Like my pants liftin’ weight, all my pockets on swole
Somethin’ like Hustle Gang, remember I was young, smokin’ dro
That’s back when all my clothes was Polo
And a nigga still a G, I don’t like the industry
Said that I was trafficking
Said my bitch and my trunk was full of P’s
I mean my bitch, she Philippines
I mean my trunk was full of lean
Bought my mom a Benz from the cell
Roethlisberger, was in jail
This my first day out
This my first day out