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Sinead O’Brien – Strangers In Danger Lyrics

Strangers In Danger By Sinead O’Brien

I knew I was worse then than what I thought i was
Plastic flowers in bloom and the sound of soccer
Men bonding the shades of shy
In lost line I go walking
back and forth between loss and worth
What worth are we to one another taking
What worth are we in words
I am not worried or certain because this is not my life
This is just the dust before the fall and the rise

It’s hopeless being so focused
I was better off then than what I knew
Better stray than in such close procimity to the blue
One step removed
I thought I drew well until I drew you
I was better off then than the best of you
Plastic flowers in bloom that’s how I knew

The city in the summer is like a machine
It turns you til your essence is gone
Keeps moving after the feeling is gone
You could find yourself under a rock or a table gone
With all the lost lines
Poetry of the cemetery secret societies and false memories
Of the summer dawns you never saw

You said you saw
Streets move in time with our minds
Only I see it this way because I am a stray
Only I said it so I gave it the life of day
I am a stranger in danger
I feel more close to home away
Everybody is running after the wrong one
Strong feelings for wrong people
It’s all the strange wild ways of the unfamiliar forces

Strange things, are strangers
Other people’s people
Until they’re familiar and unappealing
The race slows
The range it narrows
The other people become realer and you become further away
Solitary revealing moves the meaning of the street we live on

A strange range of normal to be
Is it normal to feel in facts to deal in doubts
I doubt the words are worth what they were
What worth in words are we
What worth on earth are the words
Chinese history could tell you that
But anyone could tell you that

The strangers in danger is suddenly gone
The streets become moving time machine off mind gone by making one step removed memories
Of this crying laugh of a life

Daily distance
The cause is typical
They say history has a historical way of repeating
Karma comes back again to fix us
These are the danger days
So wrapped in far aways
Other people’s secret societies
Rows of fathers in parked cars
Away from new children
And lightly married wives
These are the other people’s lives

Stranger in danger
You begin to imagine yourself in cold doorways like a lost girl
grown up on the wrong side of safe
You could find yourself under a rock or a table gone
[?] Of soccer again is on
Public secrets play in [?]
Man in parked cars drive on.
Bars grow fuller and streets grow long
What’s your worth in words
What worth on earth are the worth
What’s an unworn idea work
What’s and unspoken idea it’s unwoken
what worth do you unearth with the way of your words

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