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Dawes – St. Augustine At Night Lyrics

St. Augustine At Night By Dawes

The cherry gum would cover up the cigarettes we smoked
The 7-Up would balance out the beer
Mom would make us dinner, and we’d all try not to choke
Dad was working later every year

We count the trucks on Highway 1 on their way to Jacksonville
Wonderin’ where they headed on from there
My brothers and my sister all stood spiritually still
As if those roads became the answers to their prayers

But I didn’t want it any other way
This town was the one thing that felt right
All these tourists could be kings during the day
But not in St. Augustine at night

I was working at the bait shack, supplying all the fishing tours
Pretty soon I was chartering a boat
My dad said I needed dumb luck and a secret stash of Coors
If I stood a chance at keeping things afloat

That’s when my girlfriend told mem “There’s a baby on the way
And I need to know you’re gonna go to bat.”
Well, I never put off ’til tomorrow the things I shoulda done today
No, I’ve always waited way longer than that

I have never had much say in how I felt
I’ve been guided by my barroom appetites
So if this world belongs to everybody else
Just leave me St. Augustine at night

The Lord must really love us common folk
’cause he made so goddamn much
Now, if he’d just point the way to go
If he’d could just start speaking up

Our oldest brother left this world for leading one too many lives
I guess he settled for none at all
The rest of us just grew apart and blamed our husbands and our wives
When anyone was asked why they don’t call

And life became a series of birthdays, cars, and pets
Just anything to look forward to
I don’t talk about mistakes. I don’t talk about regrets
At this point, I’m not sure what good it would do

But I’m not asking for anybody’s help
As I gaze out where the stars dance with the lights
If I’m not sure how I feel about myself
I still got St. Augustine at night
I still got St. Augustine at night

On the new single, Taylor Goldsmith shares idyllic teenage memories set in St. Augustine, Florida, before edging toward the realities of adult life. “The Lord must really love us common folk, cause he made so goddamn much,” Goldsmith sings. “Now, if he’d just point the way to go/If he could just start speaking up.”

“‘St. Augustine at Night’ is a song about one’s relationship to their hometown,” Goldsmith said in a statement. “But also is a song about the varying degrees to which we all watch our lives pass us by.” – RollingStone

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