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Jahmiel – Return Lyrics

Jahmiel – Return Lyrics

Mi know dem after
Mi head, know dem waa simi
Dead, know dem do a bagga thing fi try ah
fvck up me
medz, but a jah gimmi
strenght, yeah mi see di pretence
Memba Jah inna mi name
Mi mec di devil repent, mi
Know dem waa tec mi soul dem
Nuh like how mi roll, cos a
me seh fvck di money an di truth fi be told

Mi tek it back to the street, enemies get defeat
Unnu listen mi speech
A fvckry dem a teach, dem
Knkw mi naa tec nuh
Talk, mi a di light in the dark mi
Nuh business bout promotion
Mi nuh care about promotion
Mi nuh care about chart
mi just a talk how mi feel, mi a
Keep it real, as a musician
Weh deh yah fi make people heal

A nuff lose deh
Way but mi naa stop pray caz
A prayer tek mi through
Some a mi darkest days yuh nuh
See how things stay, dem
Waa stop wi pay, yuh nuh waa wi
Talk yuh try mask wi face
Suh a who wi fi wait pon, mi cyaa
Wait paa yuh, caa yuh nuh see di
Whole a dem a work fi satan

But tell dem seh a di return of a great one
naa take ih brain wash fvck dem information, den unu
Think sey mi done, yeh di
Fire fi bunk, Babylon a guh dung
Jah grant mi wisdom dem
Couldn’t stop mi at all, set me up
Fimi fall, jah guide mi like
Job, mi still standing tall, cos a
mi integrity ah mi sincerity
A many rise against mi

An face dem ???
True dem see weh mi fi be, sum
Weh dem never see, feel like
I’m not from this earth dis world
Nuh ready fimi, from a different galaxy, wol heep a trap
Set fimi dem miss ih
Deception, post like a prosperity
Yeah dis a reality, nuh trust
Dem philosophy an from di
Inner city, weh dem nuh show nuh
Pitty, so who wi fi wait pon

Cause yuh nuh see
di whole a dem a work fi satan
But tell dem seh a di
return of a great one, naa tek
ih brain wash fvck dem information

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