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Popcaan – Intro Lyrics

Popcaan – Intro Lyrics

Woii yoii
Yuh know how di ting go
Ah di Unruly Boss man

Mi seh OVO Unruly
Mi seh Chromatic
Yuh know how di fucking ting go man
Ah di 867 Gad
Ah mi seh unstoppable man
Untouchable, yuh know?
Yuh know how di goddamn ting go
Ah di Fixtape
Yuh know mi wicked
And from yuh hear di voice, yuh already know
Signature sound
Dem dead

This is Vybz Kartel representing fi di Popcaan Fixtape
It’s not ah bloodclaat mixtape
I’m out

Ah di Yiy Change Fixtape
Anuh di mixtape dis dan