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Lil Happy Lil Sad – Help Me Lyrics

Help Me By Lil Happy Lil Sad

Baby maybe you can help me
Help me wake up and see
That lately i been losin
And you know i’m tryna win win win

Don’t be afraid to tell me
Baby don’t accept me when i’m weak
Cause i don’t wanna lose you
And i’m strong but i can’t carry everything

Baby we a team team team
And together we can win win win
So let us bring home everything
Never lose let’s be queen and king

I know they wanna see us sink sink sink
So u gotta help me think think think
Never let me slip up or sin
They don’t wanna see a young man win

It’s time that we grow up
Like my whole generation i’ve been stuck
Stop pointing your fingers it’s on us
If we gotta blame someone then blame us it’s our fault life sucks

It’s easy to feel like a victim
And i do it too it’s a sickness
Sure we all suffer loss but don’t think that it ain’t cause of us

It’s so hard to hear the truth
Never wanted truth to come from you
That’s why they let me know they don’t wanna see me happy
They just want me hanging from a noose
They’d rather see me jumping off a roof
Then tell em what i know
15 years of deep depression
So fuck em now it’s all me and you