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Dame D.O.L.L.A. – I’m Him Lyrics

I’m Him By Dame D.O.L.L.A.

I’m really him, nigga

Might be some niggas who name bigger
I doubt you’ll find another holdin’ sturdy with Dame figures
My name trigger
Cats who know that they fraudulent feel they bein’ audited
Got time for opinions or any arguments
I talk big, then my steps follow
Eyes on me when I walk in, you flex bottles, Rolex borrowed
Cars leased, I know the plugs, I got far reach, mm
I departed the slums, so I’m part beast
The people give you the title, that make it certified
Got the fans engaged and the haters wanna deter the pride
All on the tip, niggas lucky I’m circumcised
Keep my people close, so it’s strong when I feel them serpent vibes, huh
Whips and the cars, I done kicked it with stars
Play the hand I was dealt, I’ma stick to the cards
The mission evolved, the devil mind on pickin’ me off
I beat the odds, now I’m killin’ ’em soft, nigga, I’m really a boss
Keep my composure, be damned if I let ’em see me sweat
Ten toes, I’m forever restin’, feet to the deck
I’ll die ’bout the principle peace and respect
Know I’m him soon as you witness the beast in the flesh
The paparazzi ain’t gotta spot me, I’m not a jockey
But I pull up on horses inside a Maseratti
My potential roof top and only I can stop me
Told ’em I ain’t have a ceiling back when I was in lobbies
They know I’m him, but the narrative point other directions
They buy the hype, but I’m they type, I was born from rejection
Bottom lesson, I lessen the thought of me is less than
These niggas goofy, show the right what they do with the left hand