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Dame D.O.L.L.A. – NO PUNCHES Lyrics


Often I ask myself why the Lord picked me
I mean my city and family’s so rich in history
Greatness in my DNA, it’s time for y’all epiphany
Back be to the crowd though, I gotta lead the symphony
A big difference when you make it and when you arrive
These days the finest things fit me true to size
Open doors up for my fam like some suicides
‘Cause we will never ride a wave, not immune to tired
Just a lot of cats with money, we ain’t unified
And many fade doing the same things shooters try
Losing sight chasing coins, what a foolish stride
I try to show my true colors and I do with pride
Through my success be putting holes on some relationships
A lot of people I love and be have impatience with
Always problems ’bout who I be going places with
And I’d be worried ’bout who I should feel the safest with
A lil’ confused, I can sense my kindness get abused
Nurture situations different, gotta pick and choose
I call my granny, she tell me I could get rid of fools
Then tell me why I’m so special while cooking dinner food
I find solace in being alone at family functions
When you get older you see the flaws in your family function
I guess the memories of how it was give me something
Like how my upbringing made me a man of plenty substance
Fast forward to today and I’m one of the few
That can capture an audience and know what to do
Not many genuine souls out here living the truth
I do my thing and hoop and live what I spit in the booth
Easy to look at things and say I’m unappreciated
‘Cause I’m the guy that get the short end like abbreviations
But I’m embracing my position for the guys before that didn’t, I’ma be on top the game by consensus
Never came across a pro that move like me
Not even slightly, they get pricey when they slight me
Character is high key and surrounded by the sheisty
Strength around my psyche and changing is less than likely
A lot of favor on my name, man, it must have costed
Way more than them dollars I gave for tithes and offerings
I guess the lesson was pay it forward, I did it often
Moved in silence, no talking, but did a lot of walking
So many teachers on my journey feel this was my calling
To be examples for present stars and children following
Keep it low, the world ain’t gotta know you really balling
They at your door and you home alone like Macaulay Culkin
I ain’t gon’ lie and say the transition been a breeze
But all I needed was faith the size of a mustard seed
And it be hard tryna answer to everybody needs
I can’t complain, man, there’s people without a pot to pee