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Tomberlin – Wasted Lyrics

Wasted By Tomberlin

I tried to keep it close
Keep it in a locket
Ain’t no one can stop it
Can you tell the difference?
I can tell the difference
Maybe you’re the difference
Please don’t be indifferent
I could make it different

How come you only say I’m cute when you’re wasted
Baby don’t waste it
Well maybe you could waste it
I run my mouth and it runs me over
Don’t come closer don’t come closer
I’m super glue it’s nothing new
You try to break it
Hoping nothings coming
Can’t you see I’m running?

I try to write it out
Make sure nothing sounds weird
Make sure it’s not half bad
Do you think this songs sad?
You made me smile
But could you spell it out for me?
You say you shouldn’t have to
I know you shouldn’t have to