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Rock Mafia – Get Back Up Lyrics

Get Back Up By Rock Mafia

One step forward, two steps back
As long as I’m still breathing I’m ok with that Got broad shoulders sittin’ on my back And everyone knows what it’s like to fail

Don’t fold when it gets tough
What’s done is done You get back up
Don’t look before you jump Fall on your face You get back up

Fallin’ to pieces, can fall back in place
No matter what you’re dealt with you can change the game
Desperation is a lonely place
It takes a friend to kick you when you’re down

Always gonna be somethin’ goin’ wrong
There’s always somethin’ when you know whatchu know
Then you know
Then you know you don’t fold

When you’re on the ground
You get back up
When they knock you down
When you’re on the ground
You get back up

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