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Man, this nigga Thelonious always give me something I can breathe on
Bleed on
Shout to Johnny Smalls

This is ground zero I’m rising from the ashes uh
The first step on the road to Damascus
I redefined my narrative I’m Frederick Douglas uh
I can’t harbor hate although they never loved us, nah
I tell my guys I miss them they in dire conditions
Tryna survive in prison, praying they don’t die in Dixon
Bro said send him some pics of me with Australian bitches
Back in America they treat us like we aborigines
Original man, they tried to white out our history
Like the first universities wasn’t Egyptian
Lauryn Hill said it best it’s just miseducation
And Section 8 is just modern day segregation
I’m drinking from the whites only fountain of youth
They heard the cage bird sing so I bought me a coup,
Pardon the roof it gets shy in the summertime
When momma said be home before 10 I had my number 9
Thugging outside with them hooligans ditching school again
The ‘raq was my holy land like the tribe of Judah and them
Persecuted at home like Philistines in Hebron is
I’m staring past the wall from a rooftop in Bethlehem
Reminding me of project halls in Lawless gardens
It’s the same if you go back to Africa – Marcus Garvey
A people without knowledge is a tree without roots
I’m a walking contradiction I’m in Saint Laurent boots, mobbin
Standing on the west side with Chairman Fred Hampton
Bout to catch a red eye back to my bed in a mansion, yeah
When did hip hop turn into hip propaganda
They killed Dr. Sebi they make mills off of cancer
The business is keep us addicted to pharmacists so we too preoccupied with prescriptions for politics
Give em mass incarceration leave the children fatherless
I’m the voice of a generation we won’t be silenced

I’m from the home of Black Stone Rangers, where they invented gang banging
And they twist up they fingas like they opps in a backwood
From where Gotti Moe was hanging, he got killed there pulled him out his wheelchair, photographed him with his pants around his ankles
Where they indoctrinate young hit the freight trains for guns
Drive em up from Indiana or Tennessee with the Bamas
And blue police camera’s sit high like gargoyles
Crack your head to the yoke for thinking you hard boiled
Better simmer it down, take that shit downtown
6 flags on Halloween it’s fright night in Terror Town
And them killers in killer ward catch you in River North
If you whippin foreign they pull your ass out the doors of your Aventador
Eat flamin hots for breakfast because that’s all they can afford
44% of Inglewood beneath the poverty line from where they living poor
And they can’t make up their mind, who’s the best of all time Larry Hoover or Jeff Fort
Who drop dimes, load glock 9s and John Doe em
Where they changed the name from the chi to the ‘raq to drillinois
And the winter is brutal put the toaster to your strudel make you doo-doo
You on bed rest, living off ramen noodles
Where the north pole is bundled and it’s cobras out in Humbolt
You could get booked like Mowgl by the Moes out in the jungle
And the lords in holy city will make you do the holy ghost
Shake you down like Diddy if they suspect that you holding dope
You can’t play around in k-town, its get down or lay down, buss downs, grey hounds
Throwing Ls in L town bumping DJ L sounds
Active shooters in the city this is not a drill trust me it’s real now
Came for a photo opp to show your opps
You wanted to visit O block ended up end having to stay cause you got shot nigga