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Autumn! – Big Stepper! Lyrics

Big Stepper! By Autumn!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Fifty Grand)
Okay Fifty, yeah, ha

Yeah, yeah, big stepper, I’m a big stepper
I just walked in with my Cs and we in Margiela
Every city I be in, I know the bank tellers
Niggas frontin’ on the ‘Gram act like they ain’t jealous
Niggas clownin’ 6ix9ine act like they ain’t tellin’
Tell this bitch get out my face, no, you ain’t special
Thirty hanging out my Glock look like a tape measure
She ain’t tryna fuck Lil Wick then she must hate pleasure
You be smokin’ on bullshit, man, you must hate pressure
I don’t never take no L, I just take straight lessons
Me and Slay just walked in Fifths, yeah we some great dressers
Pray to God, thank Him for everything, He stay blessing
Ain’t no lacking, man, you know Kan just went and got eight weapons
All that talking out your neck gon’ get your face severed
Finna go and [?]
This bitch all up in my phone, you know I hate questions
I been working day and night, man, this my eight session
[?] shootin’ like Allen on them ’08 Celtics
She like, “What’s the name of your denim?” This ’08 Helmut
Just for a minute, she gon’ fuck and give great helmet
But she is not mine if we don’t rock the same necklace
Niggas still rushin’ me to drop, please give me a second
My last drop gotta be in first, no, I can’t place second
I ain’t finna do that weird-ass shit, that’s all you
If I got something to say, bitch, I’m gon’ call you
Keep thinking you a big dog ’til we turn you to dog food
And I see you got you a Glock but is you gon’ use that?
And you say you’re a real nigga, well, you gon’ have to prove that
I done got caught with that fire, had felony charges on my back
I don’t give a fuck ’bout them charges, I still ride around with two straps
Fifty round drum in this bitch, now you know Wick can’t wait to use that
C39v2 with the [?] finna have fun with that
Say you fucked my bitch, that’s cap, fuck it, I’ma let you run with that
I’m tired of these lil’ niggas talking, I’m finna end the discussion
Ain’t satisfied ’til they stop breathin’, my demons [?]
These niggas too pussy to me, the XD gon’ fuck ’em
Need your location, call Weiland, damn, we got you, it’s nothing
Finna take my lil’ baby to Fifths, we finna go get some Alyx
And then we flyin’ to Miami, and yes, we gon’ fuck on the beach
You get on the beat and eat, I get on the beat and I feast
Oh, you got a stick too? Capeesh, well let’s see who end up deceased
These niggas, they love to post me, but that shit ain’t worrying me