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Ghost of Vroom – Rona Pollona Lyrics

Rona Pollona By Ghost of Vroom

Don’t touch the box don’t touch the shelf
Don’t touch the people and don’t touch yourself
Lysol sprayed on the wheel
No hugging no speaking, hand-holding, no feel
With the savoir faire
Pikachu pillowcase mask, looking debonair
Conversating with an Amazon bot
Whataburger drive-thru dressing like an astronaut

Do the Rona Pollona
—you won’t know it if you’re doing it right
—you’ll never know it if you’re doing it right

Fuck this curve, fuck Mnuchin
If I was a kid I’d find me a mall to loot. Chin up!
At least you learned to use the phone
Soderburgh reboot of Home Alone’s what you live
Don’t watch the vain man who can’t forgive
Jesus would, for the common good
Got the mask on; I’m laying in the cut
At the Dunkin’ like an extra in Eyes Wide Shut

Homer in the hedges, scrub down the edges
Voice is in your head like a lil tiny Cardi B
On the ledge with a box of wipes next to me
If I jump, they’ll scrape me up
Throw me in sanitized SuperGulp cup
Come correct with a stimulus check
And buy a yellow Esteem
I’m unsure when
I’ll jet before they close down France again