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dodie – don’t quite belong Lyrics

don’t quite belong By dodie

I’m taking my time in the back of room
Don’t assume I’m as cold as I seem
Widen the eyes, show the teeth, Holding hands
like it’s planned, how do they know what they mean

I go up to a friend grab his arm what’s the code
i should know? do you struggle like me
he says finish your drink, then we’ll bounce, get it down
Hit the town I still don’t know what he means

Am I
Missing something vital here?
Cause I
Woke up feeling kind of weird

Guess I’ll just pretend – play along
Till they figure it out – I don’t quite belong
Mmmm, mmmm
Fake it till you make it but I’m getting it wrong
think I’ve figured it out I don’t quite belong
Mmmm, mmm

Suddenly face to a face, man to man
understand? I say yes but I don’t
It’s working a charm, here take this, you’ll be wired
But I’m tired, I’d rather smoke it alone

In goes the drink and the fire and out
Comes the doubt and the stutter and shame
I chew over a word, but it’s wrong, No I’m fine,
What’s the time, I think I’m done with this game