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tiger lili – lightning Lyrics

lightning By tiger lili

moved to california, with flowers in my hair
i’ll pretend you want me, if you pretend you care
my love’s in oklahoma, his voice is summer air
he’s always half-way somewhere, but never quite all there

but never quite all there
but i love him, like the shore
love’s the ocean
when I’ve lost all direction
your heart’s my horizon

last night i saw you wander, your way into my dreams
i hope we find each other, when we both fall asleep
my love is like the thunder, it breaks before it leaves
lightning in a bottle, it bursts before it keeps

and we burst before we keep
moving forward
but you know, i adore ya
till the sea, turns to mountains
till the hills, become flatlands

do you remember last august on our way to wyoming, when your car broke down in the middle of a thunderstorm, and you climbed on the roof as the sky filled with lightning, as if it couldn’t touch you, and you smiled at me stupidly and promised you would die for me, and i laughed as the rain fell from heaven
cause i knew you really meant it

(do you remember?)