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Navvy – I Learnt To Lose A Friend So Young Lyrics

I Learnt To Lose A Friend So Young By Navvy

I learnt to swim when I was two
Now I’m drowning in the wake of you
Something in the water
Got me thinking that I’ll never get out
Jumping in together
But I always made sure you would go first
And I’ve never been more aware of you
Since you’ve been gone
Looking at my options
I don’t like the look of any of them

And I learnt to speak when I two
But I’m lost for words at the loss of you
I’m the kind of person
That just wants to know how I can help
Taking on the blame
When I was sitting by the hospital bed
So I held you hand
And I waited for you to wake up
And the words haven’t been invented
To describe the way I felt when I left

And I learnt to read when I was four
But I can’t make sense of words anymore
Praying to whichever god would listen
I just wanted to talk
You know I’m not religious
But I do believe in positive thoughts
‘Cause some bad luck turned into a bad day
Turned into some bad news
Wish that I could turn it around
But that’s not how it works
This year keeps getting worse

My world is different now you’re gone
I learnt to lose a friend so young