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John Gabbana – Spiritual Healing Lyrics

Spiritual Healing By John Gabbana

Don’t you hate the feeling when realized you been lied to?
Bitch I’m still human, I got a heart, dumb bitch I cry too
But this ain’t bout a bitch, this bout the system
How they kill us, then play victim?
How I’m feeling? Fuck them pilgrims
Load them choppas let’s go get em
Call my dawgs, let’s go sick em
Once we beat em, we gon’ strip em
Like they strip us for our rights
Taking control of our life
But everything that happens in the dark always gon’ come to light
They want a war? Then it’s a war, go grab yo guns, it’s time to fight
They ain’t fearing for they life, these crackas just wanna shoot somethin’
Why you pull yo gun in the first place? And I ain’t do nothin’
I’m an uncle, I’m a brother, a father, with no solutions
These ain’t justified my nigga these executions
Why we gotta live our life in fear and in confusion?
Why us getting shot in the back always the conclusion?
Got me looking up in the sky like “God what you doing?”
We down here getting tortured my nigga you up there cooling
Screw it? Fuck it? Tuck it or buss it?
I miss you lucky, real life I’m stubborn
Our life is governed, the end is coming
On ten not running, we loading up and gunning
I’m from Duval county my nigga we never worried bout nothin’
But we all got children my nigga what is the world becoming?
Sorry for your losses, I know the feeling, got me in tears
You can hear the pain in my voice, open yo fucking ears
So much negativity, can’t let it get to me
But this shit apart of me, being black is hard to be
I got wounds and scars on me, it play a toll on me
They can’t catch me lacking my nigga gotta keep that pole on me
They destroyed our history, we live in misery
Shit just got me fucked up in the head, look what you did to me
When I see a cracka, honestly I see the enemy
And I got these crackas in my blood but they not kin to me
Damn, where the fuck do I begin
Do we really have free will? Is our sin really sin?
All our answers are within, hear the whispers through the wind
And I feel like on another dimension I gotta twin
I’m just tryna find myself, start taking care of your health
Stop worrying bout the next, start taking care of yourself
All the blood we shed, all this pain we feel
Got us screaming for help, cause all our people getting killed
Damn, what type of world do we live in?
This not life, this a business
Someone tell me I’m tripping, please
Those not rappers, they’re actors
Only here to distract us
Boy they faker then pastors, ooh
Sorry sir not a Christian
I don’t fall in religion
That shit take from the spirit, geesh

When are they gonna listen?
All this pain that we feeling
We need spiritual healing, lord
We need spiritual healing
We need spiritual healing
The way we living is sickening
When are they gon’ stop killing?
Want revenge fuck forgiveness
We need spiritual healing
We need spiritual healing
When are they gonna listen?
All this pain that we feeling
We need spiritual healing