Skillet – Sick and Empty Lyrics

Sick and Empty By Skillet

You’re so high above
Let’s just be honest
I’d leave You with nothing
Everything I love
I sabotage it
To save you from suffering

You were my everything
My deepest, wildest dream
I pushed You when You gave yourself to me
Yourself to me

I’m sick, I’m sick
Can You fix me?
I’m sick, I’m sick
I wanna believe

I think I’m sick and empty
Like something’s missing
You’re further away
Each breath that I take

I’m sick and dying
But You remind me
Of all that I had
Now I want it back

Darkness in my eyes
I don’t deny it
I burn every good thing
I dehumanize
‘Cause how could I hide it?
You’ll find out the hard way

I don’t deserve Your tears
Or to be happy here
This ended when You gave Yourself to me
Yourself to me

What’s wrong with me?
Why do I wreck everything?
Can I find my way back?
Will I never go, never go home?